Eagle head drill cane.jpg (33991 bytes)          Cane Stand.jpg (356964 bytes)        Cane Stand 2.jpg (405107 bytes)     Cane Stand details.jpg (540364 bytes)                Pace Stick stand.jpg (194305 bytes)            Pace Stick stand top.jpg (292388 bytes)       Pace Stick stand bottom.jpg (354233 bytes)                                                                                                      

Military Swagger stick  Brass Ball and Eagle Head                           Swagger stick and Canes stand holder                                                               Pace Stick Stand


Pace Stick Wall mount 3.jpg (233045 bytes)     Pace Stick Wall mount 2.jpg (247813 bytes)    Pace Stick Wall mounr.jpg (205732 bytes)                

            Pace Stick wall mount display                                            Officer Sword Display Case



Hat display cabinet front view.jpg (49194 bytes)        Hat display cabinet.jpg (56801 bytes)        Hat display cabinet 2.jpg (52787 bytes)            Sword Display case.jpg (52514 bytes)            Sword Display case details.jpg (83478 bytes)                                   Bayonet stand Display 2.jpg (86082 bytes)           RSM Cane Display Case.jpg (189839 bytes)       RSM Cane Display Case open.jpg (387025 bytes)             RSM Cane display.jpg (202287 bytes)        RSM Cane display details.jpg (292443 bytes)

                    Hat display case Victorian style                                 Sword display case     Sword display case details                    WW2 Bayonet Stand                  CWO Cane and Display                                     RSM Cane Display

Shadow Box Army.jpg (101380 bytes)    Shadow Box Air Force.jpg (113602 bytes)    Shadow Box Navy.jpg (118825 bytes)        Large Shadow box.jpg (89560 bytes)          Small shadow box.jpg (69654 bytes)                 CFSAL RSM shadow box copy.jpg (376630 bytes)               

Army, Navy and Air Force Presentation shadow box          Large shadow box        Medals display shadow box                    Retirement shadow box

  Shadow Box momentos 2.jpg (626988 bytes)           Shadow box 3 flags.jpg (321163 bytes)        Shadow box Dragoons.jpg (337065 bytes)         Flag shadow box.jpg (380879 bytes)                        Shadow box one medal.jpg (404275 bytes)                              

                                          Shadow Box  Memorabilia                                              Flag Display shadow box             Shadow Box for 1 Medal


Shadow Bob Veteran.jpg (480174 bytes)                                     Col Dixon Presentation.JPG (138580 bytes)                            Medic shadow box.jpg (244523 bytes)                        Pennant shadow box.jpg (284428 bytes)                   Firefighter shadow box.jpg (259243 bytes)

WW2 Veteran Momentos              Custom frame and artwork                Shadow Box ISAF                 Pennant shadow box         Firefighter shadow box



CFFA Shadow Box                   Gulf War Medals      Canadian Army Service Corps

Top Student Award plaque.jpg (256197 bytes)                      Mantle clock.jpg (85063 bytes)      Mantle clock face.jpg (83555 bytes)         Challenge Coin Display.JPG (347759 bytes) Challenge Coin display side.jpg (43817 bytes)    Challenge Coin display 100.jpg (441590 bytes)   

Award custom plaque                Mantle Clock                                           Challenge Coin Display  for 90 to 120 coins    

                               (available in any Units Crest, sports or custom designs)                                                           

Display case trophy.jpg (441915 bytes)     Display case trophy 2.jpg (460271 bytes)                    Display case military.jpg (612341 bytes)      Display case military 2.jpg (613952 bytes)

Collectables Display Case




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