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Our Mission

  • Build today, quality custom furniture that will become the heirloom of future generations. 
  • Repair and preserve the treasures of our ancestors.

Our mission is to provide fine furniture that enhances the beauty of your homes. We craft your furniture with old world values so that both you and your heirs can enjoy its beauty and strength.

Every piece of furniture is made with the distinctive beauty of solid wood, and the structural elements of our furniture (dovetail joints, wood on wood glides, and floating panel construction) are the same today as they were over a century ago. We believe in classic designs without compromise, elegance with integrity, and satisfying prices for ever more sophisticated tastes.

In everything we do, our philosophy is simple: We find comfort in integrity. We take no shortcuts in providing you with the finest heirloom quality furniture, and we do so at prices every family can afford.

The Distinctive Beauty of Solid Wood

A tree’s life is a story told through the grain. Changes in climate, exposure to water, mineral content of the soil, animals, storms, and a thousand other factors can all leave their mark and give each piece of wood its own unique character. The resulting grain reveals a warmth and sinuous beauty that is never repeated.

Matching each piece of wood required for a piece of furniture becomes an art which we practice from the rough mill through the sanding and joinery processes, to the scrupulous application of each piece’s finish. The subtle and distinguishing patterns and variations in color are examined for consistency of detail so that the finished piece of furniture tells a consistent story through the pattern of the grain.

All wood changes color over time and our solid wood furniture will continue to develop its identity in your home. Strong enough to endure the rigors of everyday life, wood mellows and develops a patina with age, growing more beautiful as the years go by. Each piece of  furniture is built on a century of meticulous craftsmanship and brings your home beauty for generations to come.

Some other furniture makers claim to produce solid wood furniture but use solid wood only on the exposed parts of a piece while using weaker and less expensive substitutes on other parts not visible to the eye.

Our furniture is made with 100% solid wood to produce a beautiful piece with the strength of construction to last through generations.


Contact Information

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your specific request. With over 25 years experience,  your project is our challenge. We are located in Angus, Ontario.


Armand Leblanc

Telephone: 705-424-6885

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